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Caps & Dampers, LLC is a local, family-owned business based in West Hartford.

We love chimneys and are thrilled to be your chimney solution. Call us, email, write us a letter, play us a song, and we’ll send one of our super knowledgeable and dedicated chimney experts out to help.

Annual cleaning and inspection of your chimney and furnace are imperative to keeping your home exhaust system running safely and efficiently. We take this very seriously and we’ll make sure your chimney is functioning properly.

If it’s repairing damage or helping to keep animals and weather out of your home, if a chimney is involved, we are your solution.

We can even help with a variety of other routine home maintenance services. Routine maintenance will save you money!

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Client Feedback

“Shopped around, best price, quality workmanship, professional in all regards, will recommend to friends.” – Bob Hurvitz, West Hartford.

“I could not be happier with the exemplary service I received from Caps and Dampers! With one quick and easy call, I was able to schedule a routine, annual cleaning of my fireplace and furnace chimneys. I found out they also perform a variety of other routine maintenance that I needed done, including air duct and dryer vent cleaning, and even snow removal. I was thrilled to get everything set up and taken care of in one shot. The inspection and cleaning was very thorough, without the pushy sales guy or usual upsell scare tactics. I only needed one small repair which was done quickly. I also decided to add a cap to keep out rain and animals. I was able to schedule the other cleaning services for the same day. It was all very convenient and reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend this locally owned, family business.” – Holly Connor, West Hartford