Chimney Repair

Reliable and Swift Chimney Repair Services

We associate the fireplace with warmth, comfort and relaxation. However, if the chimney has fallen into disrepair, it can actually be the source of serious danger.

As you burn fires year after year, smoke and heat erode the flue, the chimney liner and possibly the masonry structures. Eventually chimney repairs will be required.

Chimney structural failings, such as cracks or other weak points, greatly increase the risk of house fires occurring as well as the threat of harmful fumes leaking into your living space.

These dangers make it is essential to schedule professional repairs as early as possible. The experienced masonry and chimney repair crew at Caps & Dampers, LLC inspects your chimney and addresses any problems before they become serious safety hazards for your home and loved ones. Additionally, early inspection and repair saves you from costly repairs in the future.

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